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Written and recorded by Tearjerker in 2011.


Perfect Midnight World:
And just like that, a late year entry into my favorite-albums-of-the-year list arrives. It’s been no secret that I’m a huge fan of the work that Tearjerker puts out there, but I was simply not prepared for how wonderful Rare sounded on the first listen. The second and third listens only further reinforced those feelings and now I’m onto obsessing over single tracks. The first of which happens to be the album closer, “Solid Morning”, and it’s a dust blown, western-dream-pop beauty that brings to mind Mojave 3 and Mazzy Star at their best. That’s right. At their best. Rare is that fucking good.

The bleaching action of distortion keeps this shoegaze beauty stipped clean and whitewashed. It’s a long inhale of smoke - a drag that lasts until the ashes fall from the tip.

Sounds Better With Reverb:
‘Rare’ has plenty of fuzzy guitars, distant vocals and swirling atmospherics but there are also strong melodies to hook you in. This isn’t just noise for the sake of it, the songs are strong and there’s enough variation to keep it interesting. Clearly all the effort has paid off.

...one of the strongest singles of the year. So brilliantly constructed that it's a struggle to find proper articulation for the personal connection. It's sustenance to late autumn. It's the song every good film needs as the credits queue. It's been on constant repeat for the last 5 hours.


released November 15, 2011


Tearjerker is Micah, Trevor, and Taylor.
Daniel Garbutt played piano on Outside.
Thanks to Mel, Jess, Daniel, Adam, Gerald, Gavin, Aaron, and all our friends and family. xo.



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Tearjerker Toronto, Ontario

Tearjerker is a band from Toronto.
Tearjerker is Micah, Trevor and Taylor.

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Track Name: Down
It's you I trust
I won't get down on your love
Just the two of us
Looking down from above
Track Name: Rare
Isn't it so rare when I
Get to be there on time
Isn't it so rare when I
Say that I'm not scared to fly

And if you get scared
Then I swear that I'll stay around
We're still in the air
But I swear that we're still on the ground

Isn't is so rare
Visiting somewhere
Track Name: So Dead
I feel like a ghost
Where I make my home
I never say a word
I never look at her

I'm so dead
I feel alive

I felt my way
I found the taste
Wide open space
While I'm away

I'm so dead
I feel alive
Track Name: Word
Bright sunlight
In my eyes
I try
To block out the day
Thinking of what to say
Then I held on tight
Looked you right
In your eye

And then I felt so assured
Although you didn't say a single word
And you felt so assured
Although I didn't say a word
Track Name: Sidewalk
I'm in charge of the sidewalk
There will be no cars where I walk
I'm in charge of the sidewalk
And if you're looking for answers
You should ride on the other side

I'm in charge of where I walk
So don't fuck around on the sidewalk
I'm in charge of where I walk
Unless you're looking for trouble
You should ride on the other side
Track Name: Dark
Why don't we pick a spot in the park
And take a shot in the dark
We don't even need a shot in the arm
To sleep non stop
I want to feel you breathe in the dark
And the beat of your heart
You and I are just a piece of the stars
They're all that we are

In the dark
Is all we are
In the dark
Is where we want to be
Track Name: Focus
I was standing in the foreground
Feeling slightly out of focus
I was lost in the moment
I didn't know where to go

I was standing in the open
Feeling slightly out of focus
And it felt like I was floating
And I felt so alone
Track Name: Outside
Everybody's so excited
Everybody's so divided
Everything goes in cycles
It gets hot outside
Then we're not outside
Then it's hot outside
Then we're not outside
Track Name: Solid Morning
Sunday morning
Incandescent sky
Candles in the evening
Lights go out every night

Silent morning
Thick fluorescent lines
Candles in the evening
Lights go out every night

Solid morning
Incandescent sky
Candles in the evening
Lights go out every night